Energy Champ started as a challenge presented by the Burlington Electric Department to local landlords. The program offered incentives for making efficiency improvements to rental units. It enticed hundreds of landlords to participate and resulted in collective efficiency savings of more than $600,000. Seeing potential to grow the concept, we connected with Burlington Electric Department and Vermont Gas to expand the initiative to the general public. We began by reworking the branding and creating a fresh aesthetic that would be approachable for all users. 

Graphic Design
Marketing Strategy
Social Media Management
Print Production

We designed and developed a website that would allow people to visualize how they use energy in their homes throughout the year and compare their usage to other Burlington residents. We collaborated closely with Burlington Electric Department and Vermont Gas to seamlessly merge customer data and present it clearly to customers. The system required extensive testing and prototyping to ensure that the results given were accurate. Next, we developed a ranking system based on energy-per-square-foot that would determine which home-improvement rebates customers would receive.


With the system built and ready to unleash powerful efficiency incentives for all to gorge upon, we began to develop a strategy to reach the eyes and ears of the local market. A little social media? Sure. A banner across the front of City Hall? Why not! A press conference with the Mayor? Of course. Postcards, bill inserts, advertisements and more? Sign us up. Through our strategy we were not only able to meet the target goal for number of users within thirty days of launch—we exceeded it by more than 50%.


"We had what we thought was a pretty aggressive and ambitious goal and we're really thrilled to say today that we sailed past that goal. And that’s added up to total energy savings of almost $650,000. It’s a great example of what we can achieve by working together.”

Don Rendell
CEO, Vermont Gas Systems