Inspiring progress inside one of the world's most innovative energy companies.


Green Mountain Power, Green Mountain PowerGreen Mountain Power. After a partnership with Tesla, a feature in the New York Times, and a ranking in Fast Company's "Most Innovative Companies" list alongside GE and Google, GMP has been the talk of the energy sector. We connected with the GMP team to bring entrepreneurial attention to a newly designed coworking space inside their Colchester, Vermont headquarters known as "Inspire Space." The objective of the project was to attract a forward-thinking energy startup to set-up shop in Vermont. 

Social Media Management
Public Relations
Web Design
Art Direction

After closely analyzing the power and intention of the space, we created identity branding, wrote top-line messaging, and created photography and other content that could serve to showcase the nature of the space. Next came the development of an engagement campaign that would culminate in startup companies competing for the opportunity to work inside the facility. We promoted the competition through press and social media (including an organic and transparent Reddit campaign for energy-interested subreddits). We also directed an advertising campaign and helped to manage the competitors' application process. 


The competition was talented, but one company came out on top: Greenbanc, a certified B-corp focused on providing home energy scores (a new approach to measuring and improving home energy performance, developed by the Department of Energy). After relocating to Vermont, Greenbanc went on to make a positive impact on the state in several ways, one of which came about through a partnership with Vermont’s world-famous brewery: the Alchemist. The partnership arrangement affords brewery employees the opportunity to participate in the home energy scoring program at no cost. 


The first year of the competition served as a successful proof of concept. Pleased with the results, Green Mountain Power has planned to move forward by allotting additional resources toward making the space more active. We refreshed the website with new branding and an e-commerce portal. Upon launch, the website will showcase work including photography, creative direction, design, web development, and copywriting.


We connected Green Mountain Power with Catalysts of the Climate Economy to offer Inspire Space passes to finalists of the #FutureFormula Pitch Contest.